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The parallels

Will they ever meet?
An otiose question, don’t you think?
Maybe yes, maybe not.
Maybe God can make an aberration?
He can’t because
The parallels never meet my friend.


Burning · Incandescence · motivation · Reflection

In this perilous journey…
Facing them head-on,
Sometimes dodging
Stumbling a few times,
Even failing.
Spiralling down
Into the dark and the silent abysm.

Get up.
Dust yourself up.
Burning with such incandescence,
That the summit is closer, each day.
The flare which lights up the world,
And gives the warmth.
Just don’t fade away.



Scripting History

For it’s the darkest before sunrise;

And she continued to toil…

For she knew that

Women are, as the men 

the bulwark of the nation.


To all those imperious, condescending

Beings, she knew she stood for what was long overdue.


She had to work thrice, she had to,

To overcome the impediments, especially What the “Village” thought of her.



The medals shut them up

And their hubristic attitude.



Marching on…

Sometimes he wished,

He never crossed her path,

To open his heart out,

To open his arms …

Alas, the fool didn’t know 

What was in the store for him.

Enamored with her,

He still continued to care,

But she rocked his world.

Turned it upside down.

Literally capsized it.

The intrepid he,

Still marched unafazed

Learning it 

For the first and the last time.


The mood

6 a.m.

Woke up…

Heart rejoiced to see 

Black clouds all over the 


Finally monsoons settling in.

Making way

For tea and those oily snacks,

The pitter-patter of drops,

People dancing in the rain.


Stymieing my already lazy efforts

To wake up from the cozy bed.




​At the junction,

Time came for parting ways,

Promises made to each other,

Not expressely but were implied.

Take care of yourself,

Food on time please,

These were the only 2 things 

She said it in her parting words

Expecting nothing in return…

Noticing the palpable tension,

“I will call you maa”

She felt relieved.

Taking a last look 

At her son,

CAPTURING his face 

Locking it in her memory,

Etching it in her heart…

She stopped her watch

Wondering whether it would stop 

The TIME ?

“Goodbye maa”.

She couldn’t reply.



Wandered through the jungle,

Besieged by opinions, comments,

their ideas,

Telling him he can do


The intrepid explorer,

Slowing down?


Cause he has fire in his belly,

Something to prove, to achieve


BELIEVE, he remembered.

Ignoring the weeds,

Halting him at every step,

He continued….


Old Friend

Just thought about you


My old friend, 
In fact thinking about you,
Since the last byes we wrote,
And that was some days ago,
Seems like ages,
Did you really mean what you wrote ??
I don’t know ….
Cause the social media,
Doesn’t have enough emoticons,
To express the never ending,
labyrinth of feelings…
My old friend,
I know that we,
we can do better, 
Way better,
Than just stare at the last seen of 
Each other’s,
And even that you turned it off.
My old friend,
We can do better,….
Much better.