There’s nothing in this world greater than your family.

Believe me.

Recently I watched “kapoor and sons since 1921” , again, a Hindi film about a dysfunctional family.To the outside world, everything was perfect,but reality: ugly on the inside.

It’s an inexplicable feeling to realize  much someone is worth to you until he/she goes away…..

We sometimes feel so angered, irritated, cheated, probably even down because of what our family did.

Same thing happened in the film. After the crash of her husband and eventually his death, his wife realised this feeling. The feeling of not giving another chance to him, not talking to him about the matter, basically not clearing the air.

Regrets filled the void in her life later on.

No matter how much you keep yourself busy, you are gonna think about that incident.

Family is above this and it should be.

No matter what, they will be standing by us. Therefore we must believe in them ……

(I know I haven’t posted in long while so extremely sorry for that 🙄)


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