​At the junction,

Time came for parting ways,

Promises made to each other,

Not expressely but were implied.

Take care of yourself,

Food on time please,

These were the only 2 things 

She said it in her parting words

Expecting nothing in return…

Noticing the palpable tension,

“I will call you maa”

She felt relieved.

Taking a last look 

At her son,

CAPTURING his face 

Locking it in her memory,

Etching it in her heart…

She stopped her watch

Wondering whether it would stop 

The TIME ?

“Goodbye maa”.

She couldn’t reply.

Old Friend

Just thought about you


My old friend, 
In fact thinking about you,
Since the last byes we wrote,
And that was some days ago,
Seems like ages,
Did you really mean what you wrote ??
I don’t know ….
Cause the social media,
Doesn’t have enough emoticons,
To express the never ending,
labyrinth of feelings…
My old friend,
I know that we,
we can do better, 
Way better,
Than just stare at the last seen of 
Each other’s,
And even that you turned it off.
My old friend,
We can do better,….
Much better.

I know this will be clichéd but still what’s on my mind ….

The other day mom told me about this trip she was going, 

It is for 3 days she said,

And I was okay,

Not thinking about it much,

In fact not thinking about it at all….

Today was her first day at the trip.

And though I talked to her on the phone

But it feels like I haven’t met her since ages,

It feels incomplete,

The glasses of tea was one less,

The food for only four instead of five,

The after dinner walk…

Felt something missing.



There’s nothing in this world greater than your family.

Believe me.

Recently I watched “kapoor and sons since 1921” , again, a Hindi film about a dysfunctional family.To the outside world, everything was perfect,but reality: ugly on the inside.

It’s an inexplicable feeling to realize  much someone is worth to you until he/she goes away…..

We sometimes feel so angered, irritated, cheated, probably even down because of what our family did.

Same thing happened in the film. After the crash of her husband and eventually his death, his wife realised this feeling. The feeling of not giving another chance to him, not talking to him about the matter, basically not clearing the air.

Regrets filled the void in her life later on.

No matter how much you keep yourself busy, you are gonna think about that incident.

Family is above this and it should be.

No matter what, they will be standing by us. Therefore we must believe in them ……

(I know I haven’t posted in long while so extremely sorry for that 🙄)


In the midst of silence,

Only sound of the clock is heard,


She lay helplessly.

Waiting eagerly for him,

Her eyes fixated at the door

With nothing to do but wait,

Cause to wait was the only option left,

Wondering when he would come 

And she would snuggle with him in bed

She was tired, lonely and scared,

Wondering what was taking him so long


Her mind, still thinking what wrong she did

Was it her muddy feet ?

Was it the breaking of new china ?

She didn’t know.

She whimpered, howled 

Suddenly afraid in the same house 

of which she knew exactly by heart,

 every smell.

Hoping against hope,

That he would return.

8th March- Women’s day

You can tell a lot about a person by listening to their playlist.

That was just a quote which I like and has nothing to do with the content here.😂

Today is women’s day. Happy women’s day to all the women out there.We celebrate today why women have played such an important role in our lives, how their presence have affected us, we today tell them how much we care and respect for them.

I saw a video on Facebook and it argued why it should be celebrated only today, I agree with them whole heartedly. I mean, not that I am against this but I believe why not give them the respect, the importance, love to which they are entitled everyday? 

Why we talk only today ??

Now you can argue with me about other days as well like father’s day, mother’s day, teacher’s day. I am not averse to celebrating them and am supportive of all of them but I believe one day is simply not enough.

This above thought is not all new. But I was overwhelmed of seeing the women’s day posts all day in my feed today and felt I have to write this. 

I would love to have your views and comments about this thought !! 

The one with the barber 😂

“Finding a barber who cuts your hair exactly like you want is no less than finding a soulmate “.      


I think many of you will find this true 😂🙌.

Though I am in college right now, my parents still believe in deciding the styling of my hair ( though I appreciate they are always right 🙄).

Once after I had my haircut, he(barber) then asked if I was satisfied with the look. “It’s okay” I said to him. 

I then returned home and naturally my mother asked me to show my new haircut. She was not all happy and satisfied with the look and said it was not what she wanted ! 

She asked me to go again and tell the barber the modifications that she just told me now…

Imagine the situation. 

Now I was having this thought if I am really competent enough to decide a haircut which suits me.

I couldn’t decide but had to go anyway back 😂 .

As I was going back to the shop I thought what reason I should tell him. I just couldn’t think of anything. He asked what was amiss. 

I said my mom didn’t like it and told him the changes which needed to be done. He didn’t say a thing, though I know he judged me after that 😂.

So changing the quote mentioned at the top-

“Finding a barber who cuts your hair exactly like your mother wants, is no less than finding a soulmate “.      

                                                           -Anshul Arora

This may not be true for you all but for me IT IS !!

(P.S. you are always right mumma )