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The parallels

Will they ever meet?
An otiose question, don’t you think?
Maybe yes, maybe not.
Maybe God can make an aberration?
He can’t because
The parallels never meet my friend.



Old Friend

Just thought about you


My old friend, 
In fact thinking about you,
Since the last byes we wrote,
And that was some days ago,
Seems like ages,
Did you really mean what you wrote ??
I don’t know ….
Cause the social media,
Doesn’t have enough emoticons,
To express the never ending,
labyrinth of feelings…
My old friend,
I know that we,
we can do better, 
Way better,
Than just stare at the last seen of 
Each other’s,
And even that you turned it off.
My old friend,
We can do better,….
Much better.