In the midst of silence,

Only sound of the clock is heard,


She lay helplessly.

Waiting eagerly for him,

Her eyes fixated at the door

With nothing to do but wait,

Cause to wait was the only option left,

Wondering when he would come 

And she would snuggle with him in bed

She was tired, lonely and scared,

Wondering what was taking him so long


Her mind, still thinking what wrong she did

Was it her muddy feet ?

Was it the breaking of new china ?

She didn’t know.

She whimpered, howled 

Suddenly afraid in the same house 

of which she knew exactly by heart,

 every smell.

Hoping against hope,

That he would return.


That Day…

Well there’s not a single shred of doubt about how amazing dogs can be …

I don’t have one as a pet, but we have kinda “adopted” a stray. Her name’s as we call it Cucu ( pronounced as  coocoo). She is a happy go lucky dog, moves all day around the colony, running here and there, typical dog stuff.

But at night she usually  comes to our home to eat as she now knows the way to our house(by the way my house is up on the fourth floor I always marvel how she comes to the right door  every time). 

That day I was walking to get some groceries when I suddenly bumped into her. She was so overjoyed I couldn’t tell you. Her tail wagged from nineteen to the dozen. Jumping over me , I couldn’t stop but shake her paw and pat her.

Now, she was walking right beside me but after some time she stopped.

I called her to come but she just stood by like it was a no man’s land after a point (actually every dog has a territory in which he/she can move). I went ahead and it took me around 15 minutes to buy the items.

As I was returning, I saw her, sitting at exactly the same spot I left her.

Now I was overwhelmed. She welcomed like she hasn’t seen me in ages and was walking beside me as usual.

That incident got me into thinking …

She could have done a gazillion things when I left but she chose to stay. Why was she waiting? If I hadn’t come would she still be waiting there for me? 

I don’t know the answer to these questions but my love, adoration and respect for her grew in leaps and bounds from that day. I realised how selfless her love is. 

Could never forget that day . 

What do you think is the answer to the questions ?