‚ÄčAt the junction,

Time came for parting ways,

Promises made to each other,

Not expressely but were implied.

Take care of yourself,

Food on time please,

These were the only 2 things 

She said it in her parting words

Expecting nothing in return…

Noticing the palpable tension,

“I will call you maa”

She felt relieved.

Taking a last look 

At her son,

CAPTURING his face 

Locking it in her memory,

Etching it in her heart…

She stopped her watch

Wondering whether it would stop 

The TIME ?

“Goodbye maa”.

She couldn’t reply.



In the midst of silence,

Only sound of the clock is heard,


She lay helplessly.

Waiting eagerly for him,

Her eyes fixated at the door

With nothing to do but wait,

Cause to wait was the only option left,

Wondering when he would come 

And she would snuggle with him in bed

She was tired, lonely and scared,

Wondering what was taking him so long


Her mind, still thinking what wrong she did

Was it her muddy feet ?

Was it the breaking of new china ?

She didn’t know.

She whimpered, howled 

Suddenly afraid in the same house 

of which she knew exactly by heart,

 every smell.

Hoping against hope,

That he would return.